Sunday, February 12, 2012

Small Accomplishments

I am not getting very much done at all this weekend.  It's annoying, but unavoidable given the state of this cold.  I called in sick tomorrow - Rachel warned me that this is at least a three-day cold, and I'm not feeling much better than I did last night.  Happily, tomorrow is actually a day that I can miss - two of my three classes had lesson plans that someone else can execute (a rare thing with the subjects I teach) and rehearsal was supposed to be a music review day anyway.  Hopefully Jesse will be able to take that on without me.

I emailed my sub plans to our school secretary and wrapped up in blankets to have some dinner.  I decided to branch out from the orange juice and yogurt I've been living on and have some pureed sweet potatoes.  Very exciting, yes?

I'm annoyed at the lack of productivity, but at the very least the sleep I've been getting should be beneficial in the long run.  So this weekend's not a total loss, right?

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