Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The musical is quickly approaching, and I've gathered enough supplies to turn my Advanced Drama class period into a series of simultaneous projects.  The class members are good enough that I can give most of them a task to do and they will do it.  I have a few squirrely boys, so I keep them close by, helping me with a power-tool-based project (I operate the saw.  They measure, steady, and rotate the posts for me).

Here are the tasks my 17 students are currently tackling:

- Cut up 12-foot cardboard tubes to make a fountain
- Paint the set (at least the set pieces we have so far)
- Hem 6 "Napkin" dresses
- Make belts for "Napkins"
- Sort through our fabric storage to find bright colored pieces to liven up the costumes
- Sew the ripped curtains on stage (something I've been wanting to do since I started here.  Our curtains are in pretty bad shape)
- Organize the dressing rooms
- Deconstruct old set pieces for more storage space
- Create and attache fancy cutouts to black masks
- Paint faux-marble on six 12-foot-tall columns
- Find/gather props
- Sewing Duct-taping a flag and a hunting bag
- Sorting fake flowers
- Attach Christmas tree lights to an awful lot of black felt to make the backdrop

and so on.  There's still an awful lot to do, but I'm not stressed about it*.  I've got my class to help me and we still have two weeks to go!  Woot, woot!

* ... despite whatever the rash all over my hands and my persistent tension headache might indicate to the contrary.

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