Tuesday, February 28, 2012

*Blink. Blink*

One thing I love about this community where I work is the camaraderie on the road.  Commuting is certainly de rigueur up here, and it was not long after I started here that I learned the polite code among drivers in this bedroom community.

As I was driving home from school after rehearsal today an oncoming car flashed his lights at me.  I slowed down, wondering what was ahead since I had just barely passed a speed trap.  About a mile further I came upon two does standing on shoulder of the road on my right.  One bent down to eat some of the wild grass while the other looked back over her shoulder at a third deer, crossing in the middle of the frozen, snow-covered river that runs alongside the highway and past the school.

I'm glad I saw them, and I'm glad that the other driver warned me.  It's so pretty up here, and it's a pretty good community too.  And, like a good member of the community, I flashed my lights at the cars ahead of me, warning them about the perils up ahead.

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