Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Where, Oh, Where?

I mailed off my application to a summer program today.

I am applying for a spot at a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar.  The program is to study Chaucer's Canterbury Tales!  In the original Middle English!  In LONDON!

There's only 16 slots, and preference is given to those who have not received grants before (the NEH grants, my long-time readers may recall, is how I went to my beloved Camp Shakespeare six ((six!)) years ago).  I'm trying so very, very hard not to get my hopes up.

And then I see the news that Stephen Fry has been cast as Malvolio in an all-male version of Twelfth Night at the Globe this summer.  Oh, do I want to see that!  Oh, do I love Stephen Fry! I mean, not quite as much as her, but still!

Down, hopes!  Down I say!

Really, the chances are quite small.  I'll find out on April 2.  After that I can finally solidify my summer plans, wherever they may lead me.

Although, speaking of travel and theater, I was absolutely delighted to hear today that the Lookingglass Theater Company is kicking off it's 25th season with Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses.  Given that
A) I have flown to Chicago not once, but twice solely to see productions at the Lookingglass Theater,
B) This production is the one that went to Broadway and received so much critical acclaim,
C) It's about Greek mythology (Greek Mythology!  I'm such a geek for Greek mythology that I insisted we travel to Crete simply because it's the home of Daedalus' fabled labyrinth!),
I will definitely be seeing this show.  Fortunately, the same production is moving to DC's Arena Stage after it's Chicago run, so even if I cannot get to it in Chicago this fall, I will certainly go to DC next winter to see it.

Or perhaps I'll see it twice.  A girl can dream, can't she?

Yes.  Yes, she can.  But not about London.  Down, hopes!

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