Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Majorelle Garden

Sometime in the night last night our air conditioner stopped working. I woke up around 7 a sticky, grumpy mess. Several attempts to reprogram it via remote later, I just barely got it to start blowing that delicious and much-needed cool air when my alarm to wake up went off. Grr.

We had gone to bed quite late and I don't think either of us slept well while sweating on top of the covers, so it didn't take much negotiation to push back our morning plans and enjoy the breeze for a little while.

Once we did get up, showered, and dressed, we enjoyed breakfast downstairs in the air conditioned salon, as you saw. Then we headed outside of the medina to catch a petit taxi to the Majorelle Garden.

Jason had set this at the top of our sight-seeing list, and I am glad! The gardens were lovely to walk around, and not just because of the shade. The varieties of cacti were impressive, the layout pleasant, and I loved the brightly-colored pots. The signature Majorelle blue combined with yellow, like you can see on the door and window below, made me incredibly happy in particular. Also there were turtles.

The cab driver dropped us off across the street from the sign to the gardens. He didn't dare make the turn across traffic, but somehow we pedestrians were supposed to?

The entrance

Can you see the baby turtle next to the sunning mama?


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