Tuesday, July 17, 2012


As we exited the palace our conversation turned to the weather. It's been a popular topic, as you might expect when we are walking around a cement city in temperatures well over 110 again. I reminisced about the frigid nights in Peru last summer, while Jason tried to explain his fondness for heat like this. We agreed to disagree, "But it could be worse," Jason pointed out. "We could be in a sandstorm."

We exited the palace grounds to walk around the old city to the Ensemble Artisanal, a collection of shops that sold the same kind of products as the souks, but at fixed prices. We wanted to see what they offered before our big shopping day tomorrow and compare prices.

It was generally disappointing, and I only purchased a light scarf. A good thing too, since almost immediately after leaving the shops we found ourselves in the midst of great gusts of wind that were blowing leaves, trash. and yes, sand everywhere. I took note from the local women we were passing and pulled my semitransparent scarf over my face. Sans scarf, Jason got to enjoy his wished-for storm au natural.

By the time we walked back to the riad it was 4:00 and horrifically hot, so we dunked our heads and feet in the cold shower and flopped our sweaty selves down on our beds for air conditioned naps.

Now semi-refreshed, blogged, and almost hydrated, we will soon be heading back into the heat to find us some couscous.
Mmmm... couscous....

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