Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our Hotel

Mom offered to put us up in Barcelona using some of her and Dad's Marriott points. In an even more remarkably generous move, she booked us two rooms at the Marriott with a better location rather than the one with twin beds farther from the action.

And what a location! A block from the Block of Discord and in the midst of an upscale shopping area (such overwhelming retail options after the souks of Morocco!), it was perfect!

I was a little sad to not be sharing a room. It's really convenient for planning and I do love the conversations that happen in the dark as we're drifting to sleep.

That sadness lasted all of the three seconds it took for me to see the room I got all to myself. And even more so to see the bathroom I got all to myself. I took a bath AND a shower after the beach, then walked around my room a la Eulalia, enjoying the time I had to put on makeup and jewelry and iron my clothes before meeting in the lobby to go out to dinner. It was luxurious, and I felt closer to pretty than scungy for the first time in days.

The hotel was impeccable. Thank you once again, Mom and Dad!

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