Friday, July 27, 2012

Lunch at Vertical

After the disappointment with dinner the night before, we were determined to eat Michelin for lunch. Fortunately, we found a place right next to the City of Arts and Sciences and we made a 1:30 reservation.
The restaurant was on an upper level of a hotel so the views were outstanding, and we were the only ones there until just before we left, so we enjoyed the quiet ambiance and the attention of the waitstaff.

The restaurant has no a la carte menu, just a tasting menu. I have decided that I love tasting menus. They just bring you dish after dish of delicious food and you have very few choices to make. Here's what we ate (I'll list what ingredients I can recall):
The meal began with a series of amuse-bouches. While I would argue that these make up at least three courses (being served on three separate plates, albeit at the same time) if not 8 courses (being 8 separate items), Jason gave me his "Puh-lease!" look and told me it barely counted as one course. One delicious course that made us both very happy.

Foie Gras, Mackrel on Cracker, Bruchetta, Salmon, and Souffle Bites

Mousse and their version of a Bloody Mary

Cod Croquettes with Garlic Mayonaise (which was so airy it was like foam!)

Bread (from a choice of four types I selected a tomato bread and a roll with dried fruits and nuts, which was one of my favorite parts of the meal) with olive oil (the brand amusingly was called "Amanda Select")

Green Tomato Gazpacho

An egg boiled over low heat with red pepper sauce and Iberica ham broth

Oxtail Cannoli with Potato Chips

My main dish - Cod with cauliflower greens on a soft rice in broth

Once again I spent a meal with Jason's food eyeing me...

The main courses were dished up at the table. You can also see our two types of water. I loved that they changed glasses every time we switched waters. The one on the left was one of the best I've ever tasted.

Magical Words: "And here is the first dessert..." Faux mandarin with coconut cream center, foam, and sorbet

With a view of the coconut cream center

Passionfruit with sorbet and a cinnamon cookie

And, to finish it off, petit-fours (a fancy Rice Krispie Treat, a Gelatin Bonbon, and a Truffle)

An excellent way to say good-bye to Valencia!

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